Anna Angelina, who married (1) the sebastokrator Isaac Komnenos, great-nephew of emperor Manuel I Comnenus, and (2) Theodore Lascaris, emperor of Nicaea. Alexius III was relegated to a monastery at Nicaea, where he died later in 1211. Theodoros Komnenodukas Angelos, +1296, F3. Cookies help us deliver our services. "Corinth in the Middle Ages". en Alexios III Angelos (c. 1153 – 1211), raised to sebastokrator by is brother Isaac, usurped the throne from him in 1195. In the east the Empire was overrun by the Seljuk Turks; from the north Bulgarians and Vlachs descended unchecked to ravage the plains of Macedonia and Thrace, and Kaloyan of Bulgaria annexed several important cities, while Alexius squandered the public treasure on his palaces and gardens and attempted to deal with the crisis through diplomatic means. Genealogy for Alexios Angelos (c.1182 - 1204) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Although he had some military success against the Second Bulgarian Emperor, established during the reign of Isaakios II, provincial leaders attempted to … The most significant event of his reign was the attack of the Fourth Crusade on Constantinople in 1203, on behalf of Alexios IV Angelos. Theodora, (parentage not certain, maybe dau.of Isaakios II), +Kahlenberg 1246; m.1203 Duke Leopold VI of Austria and Styria (+1230), C7. Eirene Komnene; m.1237/38 Tsar Ivan Asen II of the Bulgarians (+1241), C4. Constantin Konstantinos Angelos ANGE 1080-1166 (1120) Théodora II Porphyrogenita De COMNENE 1096-1136; Andronic ANGE 1122-1183 (1153) 3enfants: Isaakios II Isaac ANGE ca 1130-ca 1170; 1enfant Grands parents maternels, oncles et tantes. He consummated the financial ruin of the state. Alexios gathered the money by plundering imperial tombs at the church of the Holy Apostles and taxing the people heavily, though Henry's death in September 1197 meant the gold was never dispatched. ? Alexios IV kon zijn beloftes aan de kruisvaarders, die verantwoordelijk waren voor het uitbreken van een grote brand, niet waarmaken. Alexius III fled the capital with what treasure he could collect and escaped to Thrace. Andronicus was himself a son of Theodora Comnene, the youngest daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos and Irene Ducaena. Manuel Komnenos Dukas, Regent of Thessalonica (1230-37), +1241; 1m: ca 1216 Efimia, dau.of Staphen Nemanja Veliki-Zupan of Serbia; 2m: ca 1225 Maria, dau.of Tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria, C6. ISAAKIOS II Angelos, Emperor of Byzantium (1185-95)+(1203-04), *1155, +Constantinople 12.4.1204 in prison; 1m: NN; 2m: 1185 Margaret of Hungary (*1175 +after 1223), D1. Byzantine authority survived, but in a much weakened state. Emperor (q.v.) At that point the deposed emperor was ransomed by Michael I of Epirus, who sent him to Asia Minor, where Alexios' son-in-law Theodore I Lascaris of the Empire of Nicaea was holding his own against the Latins. According to the contemporary account of Robert of Clari it was while Alexius was at Swabia's court that he met with Marquis Boniface of Montferrat, Philip's cousin, who had been chosen to lead the Fourth Crusade, but … Weblinks [Bearbeiten]. 1195, während sein Bruder Isaak II. Ioannes Komnenos, Emp of Thessalonica, +1244, D2. Alexios III Angelos (Medieval Greek: Ἀλέξιος Γ′ Ἄγγελος; c. 1153 – 1211) was Byzantine Emperor from March 1195 to 17/18 July 1203. Alexius was the son of Emperor Isaac II.He regained control of his rights to the Byzantine throne with the help of the Fourth Crusade but was deposed soon after by a palace coup. Před nástupem na trůn. Together with his father and brothers, Alexios had conspired against Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos (c. 1183), and thus he spent several years in exile in Muslim courts, including that of Saladin. To compensate for this crime and to solidify his position as emperor, Alexios had to scatter money so lavishly as to empty his treasury, and to allow such licence to the officers of the army as to leave the Empire practically defenceless. Alexius IV Angelus, also spelled Alexios IV Angelos, (died February 8, 1204, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]), Byzantine emperor from 1203 to 1204. Er war der zweite Sohn des Andronikos Angelos, eines Neffen des Kaisers Alexios II. Katharina; 1274 Infant Fadrique of Castile, F4. Isaac II, drawn from his prison and robed once more in the imperial purple, received his son in state. gemeinsam mit Alexios Murtzuphlos, den Thron zurückzuerobern. Trying to escape Boniface's "protection", Alexius III attempted to seek shelter with Michael I Ducas, the ruler of Epirus, in 1205. The young Alexios was imprisoned in 1195 when Alexios III overthrew Isaac II in a coup. Maria Angelina; m.Konstantinos Kamytzes, B6. His younger brother Isaac II Angelos, was threatened with execution under orders of their first cousin once removed Andronicos I Comnenos on September 11, 1185. A member of the extended imperial family, Alexios came to throne after deposing, blinding, and imprisoning his younger brother Isaac II Angelos. Alexios III attempted to escape Boniface's "protection" in 1205, seeking shelter with Michael I Komnenos Doukas, the ruler of Epirus. Michael Angelos, in 1189 was a hostage to Frederick Barbarossa, B3. The able and forceful empress Euphrosyne tried in vain to sustain his credit and his court; Vatatzes, the favourite instrument in her attempts at reform, was by the emperor's orders.[2]. Alexios III was deposed, and Isaakios II … In 1201, two Pisan merchants were employed to smuggle Alexius out of Constantinople to the Holy Roman Empire, where he took refuge with his brother-in-law Philip of Swabia, King of Germany. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. Alexios IV Angelos (Grieks: Αλέξιος Δ' Άγγελος; omstreeks 1182 - 8 Februarie 1204) was van Augustus 1203 tot Januarie 1204 keiser van die Bisantynse Ryk.Hy was die seun van keiser Isak II en die opvolger van sy oom, Alexios III Angelos.. Prins in bannelingskap. Genealogy profile for Alexios IV Angelos, Byzantine Emperor. His son-in-law, Theodore Lascaris, who was the only one to attempt anything significant, was defeated at Scutari, and the siege of Constantinople began. Konstantinos Komnenos Dukas, pretender to Byzantine throne 1204, military governor of Aetolia, +after 1242, C5. Alexios III's climb to power set in chain a series of events that would ultimately lead to the crusader sack of Constantinople in 1204. Alexis Peters arrives at the "Hatchet II" Los Angeles Premiere at the Egyptian Theatre on September 28, 2010 in Hollywood, California. While on campaign against the Bulgarians, Alexios took control of Isaac's army, had himself proclaimed emperor, and blinded his brother. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. Captured by Boniface, Alexius III and his retinue were sent to Montferrat, before being brought back to Thessalonica c. 1209. Am 17. Alexios captured Isaac at Stagira in Macedonia, put out his eyes, and thenceforth kept him a close prisoner, though he had been redeemed by him from captivity at Antioch and loaded with honours. His young… Soon Alexios was threatened by a new and more formidable danger. Alexios III Angelos (Greek: Αλέξιος Γ' Άγγελος) (c. 1153 – 1211) was Byzantine Emperor from March 1195 to July 17/18, 1203. Konstantinos Palaiologos, +after 1345; m.NN, G1. Eirene Komnene Angelina, +after 1203; 1m: Andronikos Kontostephanos (+1196); 2m: 1199 Alexios Palaiologos, D2. In 1195, while Isaac II was away hunting in Thrace, Alexius was acclaimed as emperor by the troops with the conniving of Alexios' wife Euphrosyne Ducaena Camatera. Alexios IV Angelos (gresk: Ἀλέξιος Δʹ Ἄγγελος; født ca.