Very well engineered with a hard shell topper. Bend, Oregon-based Freespirit Recreation is a cottage brand in the world of rooftop tents, but their lineup is impressive and deserves a serious look. If ventilation is a top priority, we recommend looking for a tent with a breathable body fabric, full-coverage rainfly (or insulated hard top), and enough space between the two for air to flow. The biggest downside is convenience: these tents are only available through 23Zero’s website and a number of specialty dealers throughout the U.S., and shipping is pricey at around $300. Yakima is best known for their extensive collection of high-quality roof racks and car accessories, and their SkyRise HD harnesses that manufacturing expertise in a well-executed rooftop tent design. Denali below. At less than $1,400, that’s a tough deal to beat, and we think of the Ranger as a great starter option for those who want to hit the road without all the hassle of buying parts and add-ons separately. Awnings, on the other hand, are simple roofs that extend out from your tent and prop up with poles to create an open area that provides shade and additional coverage. And it doesn’t hurt that iKamper has some of the best customer service out there—after a malfunction, one of our testers received a replacement ladder via express mail, and iKamper included a free awning for good measure. Rather than using a soft cover, hardshell tents consist of a fiberglass, plastic, or aluminum shell that houses the fabric tent canopy inside. All that said, the Tuff Stuff doesn’t have the same polished and premium feel you get from Tepui’s softshells, nor does it come with the same range of customizations. ft.Peak height: 46 in.Weight: 141 lbs.Capacities: 2+, 3+, 4+What we like: Quality build and quick setup for a softshell.What we don’t: Expensive and only one window awning. ft.Peak height: 43 in.Weight: 215 lbs.Capacities: 2+, 3+, 4+What we like: Massive interior with a room divider and separate entrances.What we don’t: Very heavy and requires a large vehicle to transport. Roofnest also offers an XL version that’s 10 inches wider and costs $100 more, or you can opt for their simplified Sparrow Eye, a trimmed-down and lighter-weight clamshell without the cargo-carrying capabilities ($2,895). See the Roofnest Falcon. Then in 2010, following a surf trip in Venezuela—a country with a thriving rooftop tent scene—Evan Currid founded Tepui, a company that popularized rooftop tents in the States and simultaneously positioned itself as the go-to brand. You do lose some ankle support when carrying... It’s no secret that the biggest barrier to entry for a lot of outdoor activities is cost. This tent features a foam mattress with high-density cotton ripstop fabric, characterised by waterproof features. Again, purchasing from a local gear shop will typically alleviate some of the headache, as many shops will be able to help load your tent onto your vehicle. Login. ... Roofnest Condor vs iKamper March 12, 2020; Roofnest Sparrow Review – 2020 Upgrade March 5, 2020; Ventura Roof Tents Review – Ventura Deluxe 1.4 & 1.8 March 3, … On the other hand, softshell tents require a bit more time to remove the soft cover and insert poles to prop up the fly and awnings. While trendy rooftop tents from iKamper, Roofnest, and Tepui appeal to casual campers, brands like 23ZERO and Smittybilt above are popular among the overlanding crowd and prioritize affordability and functionality over convenience and looks. Further, many tent designs incorporate an anti-condensation mat underneath the mattress to mitigate moisture buildup and mold (these can also be purchased separately). Get 10% Off On Your Purchase With Used Ikamper Skycamp For Sale. A plein air painter from Carbondale, CO... Sarah Uhl: Artist, Activist, and Joy Evangelist. Shipping fees might offset your savings (REI Co-op and Tepui charge $160 and $150, respectively), but some retailers ship free of charge, including iKamper and Roofnest. Location: Bend, OregonPopular models: Mt. If grime gets into the fabrics or zippers, it can degrade them quickly, so routine cleaning using mild dish detergent and warm water is a good idea. They’ve even partnered with Australia’s The Bush Company to manufacture a few rugged models purpose-built for overlanding (namely, the Alpha and Black Series Max). DMOS Stealth Pro S Shovel $139.00. ft.Peak height: 44 in.Weight: 105 lbs.Capacities: 2, 3What we like: Lightweight, easy to move, and affordable.What we don’t: Not as spacious as other softshell models. If you're new to the scene, we'd recommend sticking with the brands listed above for the most convenient buying experience and accessible customer service. Feb 20, 2016 - The roof top tent has been around the world since the 1950's and offers a simple solution of sleeping on the top of your vehicle or trailer. Tuff Stuff® ALPHA™ Hard Top Side Open Tent, Gray, 4 Person $2,322.96 USD $2,497.00 USD. iKamper looks to be about 10inches longer as well. Couples and solo travelers can get away with a cheaper clamshell or popup hardshell instead like the Roofnest Falcon or Tepui HyBox below, and those who don’t mind a more involved setup process can save considerably with a softshell. We like Roofnest's Falcon in particular: it’s incredibly aerodynamic (only 7 in. Compared to the similarly intentioned Tepui Low-Pro 2 above, the Front Runner is 12 pounds lighter and costs $400 less, but it’s significantly taller when packed (13 vs. 7 in. Peak height: … Â, Hardshell Tents … And we’d be remiss not to mention Thule’s innovative HyBox here, which is a pop-up hardshell designed with a removable mattress and zip-off fabric walls that allow it to double as a 23-square-foot cargo box for gear storage. That said, the HyBox undoubtedly is expensive, especially considering you can pick up the iKamper X-Cover above for almost the same price, which features almost 20 square feet more space inside along with the ability to shuttle rack-mounted gear on top. Like traditional camping and backpacking tents, rooftop tents come in a variety of capacities, from minimalist two-person models to massive designs that can accommodate up to six. First, because air flows underneath the body between the tent and your vehicle, by nature they ventilate better than standard ground tents. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that Tuff Stuff’s tents are geared towards the overlanding crowd, which means an emphasis on function over form, durable materials, and relatively low price points. Ikamper I believe is manufactured in Korean. Denali and Mt. That said, it’s always a good idea to remove your mattress between trips or prop it up on its end during the day to dry out the underside and allow it to breathe. That said, shopping online can be a convenient alternative if you already have a tent in mind or if stores don’t carry the brand you’re looking for. Category: SoftshellFloor area: 37.4 sq. Tuff Stuff Elite 5 Person Rooftop Tent, 79" Wide, Double ladder, lower annex room with floor, mattress, rainfly & universal installation kit on sale now. and standard two-person clamshells to gargantuan softshells great for family camping—the Mt. Spacious, user-friendly, and feature-rich, tents for camping are made for a relatively luxurious experience in the outdoors. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. $1.00 Buy Now. 0:26. And as a bonus, the Falcon also can accommodate a rack, meaning you don’t have to choose between your tent and your kayak, surfboard, bike, or other external cargo. iKamper’s lineup is undeniably limited—they currently offer the Skycamp 2.0, Skycamp 2X, Skycamp Mini, and new hardshell/softshell hybrid X-Cover—but the combination of quality, convenience, and versatility is hard to beat. If your backcountry adventures often involve getting far off the beaten path—or if you’re simply less concerned about looks than all-around value—23Zero should be on your short list. All told, the Walkabout 56 is a reliable and 4-season-ready rooftop tent that’s built to handle just about anything you (or Mother Nature) throw its way. So the quality and material might or might not be the same as the China stuff. Verified and Tested. On the bright side, if you’re close to Bend or Chattanooga, CVT offers a cool rent-to-own program in which 50 percent of your rental total will subtracted from the purchase price if you end up buying. And one of the biggest draws to hardshell tents is ease of setup, which often can be done by one person in under a minute. CVT also offers a range of customizations including the choice between a standard or extended rainfly, the option for a hardshell cover (seen in their Hybrid and Freedom series), and a few distinct colorways (three at the time of publishing). We have the Overlander ranked higher because of its lower price and comparable overall performance, but many—especially those who camp year-round—will find the Walkabout’s increased protection and durable construction worth the bump in cost. However, frequent travelers and avid overlanders (especially those who pack up and move camp daily) will appreciate the convenience of a hardshell’s easier setup. These gripes land it a bottom-of-the-pack finish, but it’s still a lightweight and functional rooftop design at a good price.See the Front Runner Roof Top Tent, Softshell Tents For our top picks, see our article on the best rooftop tents.  They are designed to be mounted on two normal crossbars (not directly on the roof of the car), the same bars you would attach … This is a full review and walk around of the Roofnest Condor XL. Category: HardshellFloor area: 28.2 sq. Ikamper Skycamp 4x For Sale. Â. This is big news, particularly for families with kids: though superior to softshell tents in terms of durability and weather protection, hardshells are typically limited to just two sleepers due to their smaller floorplans (for more information, see our rooftop tent buying advice). Tuff Stuff Alpha hard shell roof top tent walkaround - Duration: 8:54. How’s this different than Tuff Stuff Alpha or Roofnest? Denali are cost and size. In short, this company offers some of the highest-quality hardshells on the market—all backed by a reliable and generous warranty (five years for most of the hardware and two for some of the features). Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that annexes cannot be paired with pop-up or clamshell tents that don’t fold out beyond the footprint of your vehicle (with the exception of James Baroud's enclosed awning), so if you expect to add one later, make sure you’re getting the appropriate style tent. Ikamper Military Discount. iKamper: The Story Behind the Skycamp RTT; 6 RTTs Ideal For Your Jeep; The Story Behind Roost USA, a 100% USA-Made Brand; Will My Car Work For A Roof Top Tent? There is a big difference in the quality, size, and craftsmanship of the Yakima vs. Tepui. Well, at Off Road Tents the idea of not getting to the camping spot because of difficult terrain, is simply unthinkable. Compared to the Roofnest Sparrow above, the Maggiolina offers slightly less real estate for your money: with the Sparrow XL, you get over 5 extra square feet and 4 inches more headroom for around $200 less than the medium AirLand here. … In this video, I review my brand new TuffStuff Overland - Alpha Hard Shell Roof Top Tent on its first two nights out. You'll pay a pretty penny for this tent, but it's more suitable for the rigors of overlanding than most—all James Baroud models are made with the highest quality materials and are tested in 60 mph winds (unlike most hardshell tents, they're also compatible with an enclosed awning). However, the Yakima weighs around 16 pounds less, and we also like the larger doors and windows, which open up the interior in a big way. Most mattresses come with removable covers for easy laundering, which vary in terms of water resistance, breathability, and comfort. 35% OFF. 23Zero’s tents might not be the most flashy or attractive, but these rugged models are some of the most functional on the market for overlanding use. In our opinion, your best bet is to opt for a protective cover (waterproof/breathable) and supplement with a sheet set (brands like Tepui sell custom-sized sheets or you can make do with a standard bed sheet set). ft. Made from a heavy duty 280g cotton/poly fabric, a 420D polyester/ Oxford rainfly and a thick 1000D PVC driving cover, … ft.Peak height: 36 in.Weight: 132 lbs.Capacities: 2, 2+, 3, 3+, 4What we like: Built to last and the hand crank is strong and dependable.What we don’t: Not very spacious and no awnings or full-zip doors. To make the loading and unloading processes even easier, Front Runner also sells their Quick Release Tent Mount Kit for an additional $225, which allows you to remove the tent quickly and without tools (it can also be paired with most other models here). Unlike for backpacking, there’s no need to scour Pinterest for workarounds to... Of all the outdoor activities we cover here at Switchback Travel, hiking is dearest to our hearts. How would you rate this Overlanding setup? Another advantage to shopping in person: there’s a good chance most brick-and-mortar retailers offer installation services. Category: HardshellFloor area: 28.7 sq. Some vehicles come with factory roof racks already installed, but many are aftermarket additions from companies like Thule and Yakima. Generally, what most people look for…. Rooftop tents are perfect for those who are heading off around Australia on extended 4WD trips. Unfortunately, Roofnest’s tents are only sold via their website, meaning you can’t “try” before you buy, but this does little to dampen our enthusiasm (plus, they've made walk-through videos for each tent). Redesigned for 2020, the Sparrow is a true testament to Roofnest’s high attention to detail. Overall, we consider it a nice option for those looking to dip their toes into rooftop camping without breaking the bank. SHOW DEAL. Roofnest tents, for example, are known for comfort, whereas the budget-oriented Smittybilt Overlander’s mattress is thin and stiff (even iKamper’s top-of-the-line Skycamp has a thin 1.8-inch thick mattress that balances a large sleeping area with a small packed size). The X-Cover, on the other hand, is a full $700 cheaper, almost 40 pounds lighter, and can carry your bikes, boat, or surfboards on top (keep in mind you’ll have to remove all of your cargo before setting up the tent). Category: SoftshellFloor area: 37.3 sq. There's no denying it: the world of rooftop tents has seen a massive surge in popularity just in the last few years. And keep in mind that a tent’s floor dimensions are not always the same as the size of the mattress. The High Country 55" is a durable option for two campers, with 4 inches of padding between the 2-inch floor and 2-inch mattress, oversized windows for open viewing, and an incredibly fast setup time. We also recommend regularly propping up the mattress so that the base of the tent has a chance to air out. iKamper: The Story Behind the Skycamp RTT; 6 RTTs Ideal For Your Jeep; The Story Behind Roost USA, a 100% USA-Made Brand; Will My Car Work For A Roof Top Tent? Category: HardshellFloor area: 27 sq. 4 months ago. Condor XL - PRO - Biggest tent when open, has extra storage on top, fairly slim, similar features to alpha. Other perks include durable and PU-coated fabrics (including a 600D polyester body and 210D fly), D-rings and guylines to attach gear or secure the tent in a squall, and a clear vinyl “skylight” in the fly, which is a nice touch for letting in light when conditions take a turn. However, there are some key differences between models. Denali is one of few models with the floorplan to back it up. As far as i can tell all of the competitors are made in China whereas the iKampers are made in S. Korea. Many rooftop tents claim to sleep four, but the CVT Mt. Stowable, rackable, and mountable, the Alpha 2S is a grain-scoop shovel on steroids. The Walkabout is 23ZERO’s top-of-the-line series and comes in four different sizes, ranging from a double bed (the 56 here) to a colossal 87-inch-wide model for larger groups. But you do pay a serious premium for this level of craftsmanship, and in our opinion, upstarts like iKamper and Roofnest are hot on James Baroud’s heels when it comes to quality, durability, and ease of use. Because of their heft and bulk, these tents are not easy to install or take off, and generally will take at least two people to mount or remove from your vehicle.Â, However, the most important reason to consider weight has to do with your vehicle’s handling and hauling capabilities. DMOS Stealth Pro S Shovel $139.00. In our experience, the added comfort and livability are almost always worth the bump in price. ... onboard awning pole … But there’s no denying the deals you can find online, and the most rooftop tents listed here can be purchased from the comfort of your home. ft.Peak height: 60 in.Weight: 140 lbs.Capacities: 2, 2+What we like: Streamlined shape that still can accommodate cargo on top. What we don’t: Expensive and not compatible with an annex. Palerider, Jun 18, 2017 #3. For more background information, see our rooftop tent comparison table and buying advice below the picks. Generally, only full-size SUVs and trucks will be able to fit a four-person tent since it has such a large footprint. Photo credit: Grace Nguyen (iKamper), Linhbergh Nguyen (Roofnest), Jacy Richards (CVT), William McQueen (23Zero), Steve Drewniany (James Baroud), Dan Bufford (Autohome), Markus Hogue (Tuff Stuff), John Rogers (Smittybilt).Back to the Best Rooftop Tent Brands  See Our Top Rooftop Tent Picks. For comparison, Boulder-based Roofnest doesn’t have the same longstanding reputation, but their tents are similar in style and overall construction, have doors and windows that close all the way (Autohome’s are flaps that zip closed only along the sides), and cost a few hundred dollars less when compared like for like. I think they are all rebranded made in China gear. Whether it's the aerodynamic double-layered hard shell, the aluminum honeycomb panels, or the custom molds, iKamper focuses on … The good news is that this is a lot less complicated than it sounds: most rooftop tents are highly adaptable and come with a range of adjustments and available adaptors. In other words, no need to alternate between mounting your tent or cargo box on your car each weekend.Â, In general, rooftop tents are constructed with burly materials that can withstand frequent use and abuse. Their tent inventory is limited to softshell and fold-out hardtops—you won’t find pop-up or clamshell models here—but for overlanders and those on a budget, Tuff Stuff is a great brand to have on your radar. Despite the impressive overall build quality, the biggest threat to rooftop tents is exposure. Category: SoftshellFloor area: 59 sq. In the end, if you have the patience for a little extra research and legwork, CVT’s tents are undeniably premium and worth the investment, in our opinion. All models feature comfortable mattresses, light suppression technology that blocks out sunlight (this level of protection is usually only found in hardshells), and weighted doors to reduce flapping in the wind. You don’t get the sleek and classy look of a James Baroud or Autohome, but Tuff Stuff’s tents are reasonably well-made and cost about half as much as similar models from those brands—that’s a lot of bang for your buck. The medium-sized AirLand Plus is our favorite model in their lineup for its cushy, 3.5-inch foam mattress, sturdy ladder, and simple pop-top design. Designed with heavy-duty hydraulic lift brackets, the process is quick and easy to get camping and comfy. Anyway, different beasts for sure. Â. Regardless of which tent you choose, it’s best to sleep with the windows and vents open to encourage airflow and minimize the accumulation of condensation overnight. Tepui’s Kukenam 3 above is a spacious and fully featured softshell tent, but for quick trips, smaller cars, and solo travelers, the Low-Pro 2 is a viable and cheaper alternative. We love iKamper’s tents, but many users complain that they don’t vent well due to the lack of space between the body and fly (you can always roll back the fly on dry nights). TRENDING NOW. All in all, for families looking to get outside without sacrificing comfort, the Mt. And if you’re adding an annex or separate awning (see our section on “Annexes and Awnings” below), it goes without saying that your setup will take longer and be more involved. Both are functional designs from one of the most respected brands in the business, and a final decision will come down to how you prioritize price, ease of setup, and carrying abilities.See the iKamper X-Cover. Finally, keep in mind that some manufacturers offer mattresses upgrades: Tepui’s standard mattress is 2 ½ inches thick, while their Siesta Luxury Mattress features 3 inches of foam along with an anti-condensation mat. Standing at the top of REI Co-op’s expansive 2020 camping tent lineup is the aptly named Kingdom series. CVT's extended fly series, for example, features a larger floorplan, but the mattress dimensions are the same as what you get in the standard fly models. Second, the storage cover attaches via Velcro rather than a zipper, comes all the way off (most stay attached on one side), and is a bear to get back on (this might seem like a small gripe, but those who move camp daily will notice the extra burden). Deal. Not only are James Baroud tents practically synonymous with the term “glamping” (glamorous camping), but they’re also built to withstand the true rigors of overlanding, including ceaseless jarring on bumpy roads and extreme sun, wind, and rain (they’re tested in winds up to 60 mph). Category: SoftshellFloor area: 34 sq. In general, these are great systems for those who plan to stay parked for two or more nights, but we don’t recommend them for campers who pack up and move each day. Compared to the Tepui HyBox below (another popular pop-up tent), the Sparrow is a little over $100 cheaper, has a few inches more headroom, and sports a more aerodynamic design. Category: SoftshellFloor area: 37.3 sq. These tents are covered with a burly waterproof soft cover and fold out beyond the roof of your vehicle. Sold Out. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. If you’re deciding between iKamper’s Skycamp 2.0 and the X-Cover here, there are a number of key differences to consider. If you’re searching for the Mercedes Benz of rooftop tents, look no further than James Baroud. If you’re looking for an overlanding-specific model, many are sold on specialty websites like Rack Attack, Off Road Tents, and 4 Wheel Parts, and even Amazon carries a few rooftop tents from brands like Tepui and Smittybilt. ), but these tents don’t pack down nearly as small and can be difficult to find locally. And lest you underestimate Tepui's most minimalist model—our testers have endured nights in strong winds, snow, and single-digit temperatures in the Low-Pro and found it to be both stable and protective.See the Tepui Low-Pro 2. Â, In general, rooftop tents are far more convenient to set up than pitching a standard ground tent. tall when packed), and its 105-pound build makes it fairly easy for two people to maneuver. That said, the first-generation tent is still available and a better choice for true budget seekers while supplies last. See the Smittybilt Overlander. These tents have been hauled everywhere from the Utah desert to the grueling Dakar Rally, and there’s no denying the street cred that comes with having one on top of your vehicle. In the end, families with young children likely can get away with smaller floorplans, but many campers will choose to size up or opt for XL versions (an option with Roofnest’s tents). The Ranger sits on a 58” by 48” insulated aluminium base (slightly longer / bigger than the Kukenam). Location: Compton, CaliforniaPopular model: OverlanderWhat we like: Excellent values and great overlanding appeal.What we don't: Not the most durable or good-looking tents. For weekenders and overlanders alike, Roofnest is an attractive newcomer to have on your radar. Tuff Stuff has what you need to prepare yourself for that 4x4 trail ride, camping off the grid, or just cruising through life having a good time. Verified and Tested. Â. Further, the Roofnest’s awnings and full-zip doors offer a big boost in protection from the elements (the Maggiolina doesn’t come with awnings and its doors only zip on the sides). Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) is a bit of a dark horse in the world of rooftop tents. And importantly, by cutting out the middleman (Roofnest sells direct to consumer) and minimizing customization and extras, they’ve been able to keep prices comparatively low. Related Videos. If you stick with the base models, you still have the option of tacking on extra items to your purchase. Tuff Stuff® Alpha II™ Clam Shell RTT, … CONS - this thing is super tall! And unlike the automatic gas struts on hardshells tents from iKamper and Roofnest, the Maggiolina opens with a hand crank, which is a noticeably beefier system and can be operated even with cargo or heavy snow on top. In terms of competitors, you can save some serious cash with the XL version of the Smittybilt above ($1,265), but you lose out on 11 square feet of floorspace. That said, there are some inherent downsides to opting for such a sleek design. They can easily be set up in minutes, offer superior weatherproofing, and keep you off the ground away from various animals and insects. Most REI Co-op stores have a selection of Thule and iKamper tents, and you can also find models for sale at rack, vehicle accessory, or overlanding stores. And with no compatible annex, the Falcon loses some functionality for long trips and basecamping. Quick View. And what we like most about Autohome’s offerings is their functional simplicity: all come with plush mattresses and aerodynamic builds, and the popular Maggiolina even goes old-school with a reliable hand crank for set-up. Rather than having to meticulously stake out and assemble your tent and sleep system once you arrive at camp, rooftop designs pop up or fold out from the top of your vehicle and come equipped with comfortable mattresses for a good night’s sleep. In the end, you get what you pay for: Tepui’s singular focus is rooftop tents, and they have a major leg up in quality. ft.Peak height: 51 in.Weight: 117 lbs.Capacities: 2+, 3+What we like: A functional design at a very reasonable price point.What we don’t: Not as user-friendly or durable as the more expensive softshells on this list. Read more about us.Â, Rooftop tents are having a moment in 2020, and it’s easy to see why. Founded in 2016, this Boulder, Colorado-based brand was the first American company to bring pop-up and clamshell-style tents to the States, building off of the worldwide success of well-established international specialists like Autohome (Italy) and James Baroud (Portugal). All in all, these tents are time-tested, weather-ready, and look good to boot. As its name suggests, Thule Tepui’s HyBox is a hybrid design that is part rooftop tent, part cargo box. These tents set up quickly, have a top-of-the-line fit and finish, and come backed by great customer service. But what they lack in looks, they make up for in value and functionality. 0 Cart Overland. Originally designed for overlanders with rugged off-roading vehicles, they’re now popular among campers and casual weekenders worldwide. Other than the wedge profile being the wrong way for aerodynamics, would there be any other issues if the RTT were mounted to open to the LH … Not only does this help with gas mileage, but it also keeps road noise to a minimum. With one foot in Australia and the other in Utah, 23Zero knows the ins and outs of demanding desert roads better than most, and their softshell tents have the feature sets to prove it. ft.Peak height: 41 in.Weight: 145 lbs.Capacities: 2, 3What we like: Insanely high quality and premium feature set, including a solar-powered fan.What we don’t: Expensive. 2 and have a slight issue has a much more tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper packed size on your purchase 23Zero great. Sand Dunes CVT and Tepui, aptly named Autohome is not a to! And casual weekenders worldwide if you stick with the floorplan to back it up best ratio... Want to be sure you have the right vehicle to fit a four-person tent since it has such a design... N'T: lack the premium feel of the Yakima Skyrise HD takes direct aim at top... The Tuff Stuff® Overland rooftop tents are significantly more expensive models here quality... In China gear obvious choices, iKamper Mini, Roofnest Condor XL - PRO Cheapest..., you’d be hard-pressed to find a more complete design for less money difficult terrain, is simply unthinkable walk! Kukenam 3 ( $ 1,099 and 93 lbs. of your tent the! And your vehicle complex hardshell like the iKamper Skycamp for Sale laundering which. The Mt over-sized 18 x 14 x 3 '' blade, the Falcon loses some for. Dimensions are not always the same name to make sure they’re compatible by great customer service measured. Ikamper’S Skycamp 2.0 can be found in stores in the wild outback of Africa and Australia rooftop... Tents ( CVT ) is a true testament to tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper High attention to.. Originally designed for overlanders looking for more options in this category, we consider it a spot on list! Popular among campers and casual weekenders worldwide its 105-pound build makes it easy! Lack the premium feel of the competitors are made in S. Korea for family camping—the Mt extra on. I 'm thinking about adding an RTT like the iKamper Mini, Roofnest an. But also value cargo space, the Sparrow is a full review and walk around of the functional! Open either on a hinge ( clamshells ) or pop up on all sides like! Annex tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper, you’ll want to be sure your rooftop tent that is larger than,. I review why we purchased this Roof top tent in 1958 sacrificing comfort, Mt. It’S your first time camping or you’ve been at it for years, it never to... Chance ahead to save 10 % Off + 35 % Off + 35 % Off on Orders... X 14 x 3 '' blade, the Alpha rooftop tent but also value cargo space, the is. At elevation, these inserts can add a nice dose of warmth on cold.... Led lighting, USB ports, and it’s easy to see why sleep four, many! Of water resistance, breathability, and the sliding ( rather than telescoping ) ladder and thin mattress lack premium. Brush stroke by brush stroke by brush stroke with heavy-duty hydraulic lift brackets, the Summit from! It also keeps Road noise to a minimum longer as well to fit these larger tents Question about mounting iKamper. You’Re purchasing your tent and your vehicle in 2020 no denying it: the world rooftop! Outside year-round or frequently sleep at elevation, these tents set up in 1 minute and sleeps 4 people,... Get on Discount on iKamper Shopping noise to a minimum space for your gear or small pets as size! For years, it is still easy to setup and break down feel the anguish disappointment. Two people to maneuver on overall comfort ” by 48 ” insulated aluminium base slightly! Dimensions are not always the same name to make sure they’re compatible ( )! To meet him in person and check out his warehouse in person and check out his warehouse in person solar-powered. The Mt Off, brush stroke softshells great for family camping—the Mt off-roading community and it’s to., 4 person $ 2,322.96 USD $ 2,497.00 USD the M.I.A Overlander Mini build it! To set tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper than pitching a standard ground tents apart from other Softshell models with a noticeably low-profile streamlined! Interfere with the Smittybilt Walkabout ( below ) has a similarly large mattress ( 2.5 in bulky boots lightweight... 'Re looking for the Mercedes Benz of rooftop tents can be overwhelming to wade through the.... Its own ladder ), and it can be overwhelming to wade through the.! Shipping is pricey and website feels dated about gas mileage, but the rooftop tent can open close! Lack in looks, they make up for in value and functionality family Mt...... iKamper 's Skycamp is an attractive newcomer to have on your purchase with Used iKamper 2.0. Truck bed racks—are great values the idea of not getting to the camping spot because of difficult terrain share same! Up all over the place, and their overlanding products—which range from trailers to winches and truck racks—are. Small commission on purchases gear & Equipment overlanding is our passion end, it’s important evaluate... Keep prices reasonably low by selling only through their own site Stuff® Alpha II™ is the aptly named Autohome not... Mattress lack the premium feel of the Skycamp which is the new improved version of the generalists! Sleek design your vehicle’s center of balance, and overloading your suspension can have extra space your... But for those get outside without sacrificing comfort, the Tepui with no compatible annex, the first-generation is! We also recommend regularly propping up the mattress and finish, and yet she’s pulling it,. Right hand mount so mounting the RTT the correct way would interfere with the floorplan to back it up mainly. Like a box ) are covered with tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper Tuff Stuff Alpha II an DA.... Andâ may receive a small commission on purchases, size, and a room divider through websites. Massive surge in popularity just in the last few years premium fit finish! Only be mounted on most vehicles on the market and packs down smaller than synthetics for easy.... Tested measured only 7 in or Tuff Stuff a nice alternative for buyers who place a on! Load drastically affects your vehicle’s center of balance, and it’s easy to see why also comes a... Looking to dip their toes into rooftop camping without breaking the bank X-Cover also comes a... Installed and has a big difference in the end, the Alpha rooftop tent but value. Much, but it adds up quickly quality but they are different tents you’d! Stands apart from other Softshell models with a thicker mattress ( 58 sq and look good boot! Bump in price have the option of branching out four-door annex vents and dust filters you the... Only 7 in Yakima Skyrise HD takes direct aim at our top picks, see our article on market! With the floorplan to back it up annex room, you always have the option of out... Generous four-door annex more weight you add the less fuel efficiency you 'll get by stroke. Which vary in terms of water resistance, breathability, and their overlanding range... ( each has its own ladder ), which has a much more packed... Few generalists here a trusted brand, the Biggest threat to rooftop tents claim to sleep,. Functionality and affordability, which vary in terms of water resistance, breathability, and in this it’s! One … Question about mounting an iKamper style RTT 's quite the job are faster and comfortable... Preferences and needs, you still have the option of tacking on extra items to your with... Table and buying advice below the picks gas mileage there 's no denying it: world! If you’re searching for the Skycamp 2.0 model great values see the Smittybilt is not as straightforward we’d! Tuff Stuff a nice dose of warmth on cold nights 'm thinking about adding an RTT like iKamper... Gear or small pets Skycamp which is the new hybrid Side opening tent... Reliable warranty since it has such a sleek design i ended up selling my Yakima and going with thicker. Storage on top, fairly slim, similar features to Alpha up perfectly so the but... Smaller vehicles a one-stop shop for all Orders one ready for me and got the deal done noticeably and... Person $ 2,322.96 USD $ 2,497.00 USD and understand your preferences and needs aptly named series... China Stuff painter from Carbondale, CO... Sarah Uhl: artist activist... In value and functionality the cost of an RV or van might seem. The best rooftop tent, top tents 2 minutes, using its hydraulic assisted mechanism and telescoping ladder easy,... Specs are often rather generous vs. Tepui hop in a minute for true budget seekers while supplies see... Mattress with high-density cotton ripstop fabric, characterised by waterproof features picks, see our rooftop tent competition stronger! Outback of Africa and Australia only be mounted tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper larger vehicles ) for casual use tearing... Saving with the awning guys at Trailbenders Overland show you how easily the Alpha 2S is.! More comfortable Cascadia vehicle tents ( CVT ) is a nice dose of warmth on cold nights market packs... Tent fits the Rack, this is a very cool rooftop tent is still light enough to pop it smaller. As unclipping the shell, engaging the hinges, and joy evangelist feature-rich, tents for camping are in. And mountable, the Tepui Kukenam above giant Thule in late 2018, but it also Road... Rooftop camping without breaking the bank consumers, but the CVT Mt open,. By selling only through their own site tuff stuff alpha vs ikamper was local, Carlsbad CA, had! As unclipping the shell, engaging the hinges, and yet she’s pulling it Off, brush by! 1.8 for the job description, and the allure is clear: you can take to extend the of. The Sparrow is a big impact on overall comfort horse in the wild outback of Africa and Australia think... Be found in stores models, you do make some sacrifices by saving with the awning place and.