Like the woman it represents, the fragrance is an intricate play of opposites. I bought the 1.6 oz and i deeply regret not getting the bigger size. It makes me think of high-fashion magazines. I really like this. However those notes ,,, how can one say NO to this , violets and cofffee are 2 of my favourite things in life. Nevertheless, it is a different alternative for those who are tired of excess sugary gourmand odors. It’s not creamy at all so I find it a bit too sharp and sweet, but it’s also much fruitier than I was expecting which makes it more suitable for summer than I thought it would be. It does have something nice so I’ll try it again in colder weather. This is a sexy smell. The Only One by Dolce&Gabbana is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. I got a sample of this and tried it a few times. I don‘t see the comparision to BO Floral Shock though, Floral Shock has icy pear and white florals, while The Only One has a more classic floral feel with powdery notes of violet, iris and rose (rose is only listed on fragrantica, I couldn‘t find this note in any other source, but I definitely get some rose from this). It's almost as though this was what ysl was trying to do. I like it but i cant smell how it turnes out after a couple of hours, i dont know if its beacuse the longevity is very short or my nose gets used to it too much. This has been the best buy for me this year. I didn't get the coffee at all, only a sour caramel scent. Not even the good authentic maple syrup but the fake high fructose corn syrup kind. It is really sensual, sweet, comforting and even cozy as well. This is a new fragrance. A mega sweet fruitcholi in the same vein as La vie est belle. I am not sure about this one. Naughty boys are Stefano and Domenico... this is the exact clone of a very popular number dating 80/90s. Sigh. It was a slow burn, but now it's one of my faves. I am also in love with the packaging; it looks very simple yet classy and elegant. The scent was launched in 2018. I absolutely LOVE violet and rose scents but I'm not overally keen on gourmands, they always make me feel unfresh even when worn in really cold weather, they just don't work for me, but for so long I was hoping that a gourmandy violet and rose fragrance would be available, there are floral gourmands out their but the violet and rose has never particularly taken front stage, the florals are always in the background. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. All of those notes in this perfume work so well together and I'm so in love with this scent! I tested this one at the counter and immediately fell in love and bought on the spot. Longevity is about standard, I get maybe 3-4 hours before it becomes a skin scent, although it does last longer on clothes and in hair. The strong coffee caramel note was present but it is far better suited for colder weather - AND more importantly, the dry down is extremely delightful. I can't smell any coffee at all. But it smells wonderful. This one is multi faceted and changes as it dries down. She is the centre of attention in any occasion, she is The Only One. It smells seductive, feminine and a bit dark. Put anyone nearby under your hypnotic spell when you've splashed on The Only One Intense, a beguiling women's perfume. Dolce & Gabbana presents The Only One as a new variation on the theme of The One, the oriental-floral original from 2006. Even a friend of mine smelled it and without knowing what it was stated that it smelled familiar...and then was able to tell me what it smelled like without my telling her. To me TOO is a gorgeous fragrance.It is sweet but in a classy and sophisticated way, I love its powdery sweetness, very feminine and sensual I can"t get enough of it.It is not a heavy hitter but stays very presente for up to six hours on me.Perfect for Fall and Winter as it can be so warm and cosy. It feels like a solid any day, every day, every occasion kind of perfume. I love this! After 1-2 hours the fragrance becomes so soft to me I feel like I have to refresh. Género: Femenino. I purchased this about 5 months ago and I just can't make up my mind if I like it or not. This is going to be a wonderful easy-reach during the autumn . How is pear not a note in this one? I think it’s beautifully blended and anything but simplistic or linear. Not overwhelming. offers The Only One perfume in various sizes, all at discount prices. Notas altas: bergamota, violeta y naranja; Notas medias: iris, café, pera, rosa y flor de azahar del naranjo; Notas de base: pachulí, vainilla y caramelo. Nutami głowy są Fiołek, Bergamotka i Pomarańcza; nutami serca są Kawa, Gruszka, Irys, Kwiat pomarańczy i Róża; nutami bazy są Karmel, Wanilia i Paczula. This perfume smells so good it is a sweet perfume but not too strong. Perfume THE ONLY ONE de Dolce & Gabbana. This is a very nice fragrance, however not as gourmand-like and sweet as I was expecting. DOLCE & GABBANA A assinatura do Eau de Parfum The Only One reside na surpreendente combinação de violeta e café dando vida a um aroma floral encantador. But for me, it's as if the dominant pyramid has been flipped upside down!!! Finally, the warm base of vanilla and patchouli lends a tactile, comforting quality, enveloping the senses in an opulent embrace. On me it smells sweet but not cloying and not exactly food-like. I think I'd recommend it for colder months as it gives you a very warm and cozy feeling. This is so weird with my skin chemistry, but in a good way. I've been wanting this perfume but hadn't tried it on myself, just a random spray at Ulta. I reached for TOO for elegant, subdued date nights: black dress, pumps, and a high-end dinner or show. Find Over 17,000 Genuine Brand Name Perfumes, Colognes and Fragrances at®. About The Perfume Shop. I got a sample two days ago and it's growing on me already ;). I get a lot of coffee, vanilla and berries. Another lovely fragrance from Dolce&Gabbana! I don’t think it has huge sillage, but the staying power is definitely decent. Tried this today and I really like it a lot! The Dolce and Gabbana The Only One perfume is available for purchase as a 30, 50 or 100 millimeter Eau de Parfum. More like 'The Boring One'. Its middle notes consist of pear, rose, iris, orange blossom, and coffee. It is so easy to wear and mass-appealing. Tried this at my local ulta....Its very similar to black opium ysl....but with added violet and vanilla powdery tones...its nice but a weaker copy of whats already out scent wise. Low longevity. *Express or same day delivery availability is subject to a delivery address and product. Seems like TOO is a but sweeter and cosier version of J'adore. I wanted so much to like this one, but I just couldn't bring myself to it. Because I like vanilla and coffee scent and people said this frag is a good buy for this category. Let me just point out something-- the only reason I bought this perfume & original "the one" was because I was madly in love with a man during the time "the one" appeared. A very elegant expencive and warm fragrance. The combination of fruits reads warm, peach nectar to me with smooth coffee and vanilla creaminess. At first spritz, you are greeted with top notes of orange, violet and bergamot. The Only One es una fragancia de la familia olfativa oriental vainilla. Compra online dentro de la selección de perfumes y colonias en Perfumes Club. Votes for violet and iris explain everything on this site: Definitely a fragrance constructed on this powdery-sweet base. I do think it’s possible someone may mistake this scent for Black Opium, but that that may then lead them to think they love BO more than they thought they did when in reality, this is just a different and better scent, lol. I could picture myself wearing every day, it was uplifting and beautiful. As I was tesing Dior J'adore and this I will compare both of them here. Based on comments I got on it it's pretty inoffensive. The Iris gives a powdery hint in the dry-down, but this remains in the background allowing the caramel latte to shine. I am positively surprised. Like some other reviewers said, The Only One feels more like a Black Opium flanker than like a The One flanker. And I thought that I wasn't into caramel scents, lmao. The Only One captura a essência da feminilidade sofisticada e hipnotizante. Sweet, flowery, powdery and sour. This is an ok fragrance for me but I would not repurchase. There’s an 80% resemblance to YSL Black Opium. Turns out The Only One is much fruitier than I was expecting. I think I'm in love. I don't have this often with other fragrances. Unfortunately, my thoughts on that haven't changed, BUT, it actually is a nice warm, powdery, caramel scent and I think it's very pretty. I can sill smell it faintly now (bedtime) and I put it on at 7:30 before going to work. Not something extremely groundbreaking or unique, but I love this anyway. Not terribly unique, as there are so many sugared pear/fruit perfumes out there but I can see a place for it. I just love it! Longevity is great, which is unusual on my skin. I think longevity and sillage are different on every person because I've heard a lot of complaints that it does not last , and I have perfume eating skin and rarely does something stay on my skin longer than 2 hours but this sticks around. Fresh,sweet but not sickening. The coffee note is more realistic, the vanilla is much quieter, and the added florals really transform this perfume. Dolce & Gabbana 'The Only One' filmSee the campaign photos - Emilia ClarkeDirector: Matteo GarroneSong: Quando, Quando, Quando Longevity is very good (around 10 hours) and sillage is moderate. This smells like maybe a Gucci guilty or something along the lines of that kind of clean powdery smell to me...ehh waste of a purchase. As I went about my shopping, I kept getting whiffs of this scent, and it was stuck in my head. Ella es el centro de atención en cualquier ocasión, ella es The Only One. Plus the bottle looks very sturdy. It's nice, but there's something about it that I don't quite like when I smell it. Esta fragrancia es nueva. the top accords listed above for once are really accurate ... very warm and rich. I do not smell any bergamot or sour scent whatsoever. I can detect the vanilla and the caramel most, plus some light floral notes. I'm getting a lot of rich berry notes but none seem to be listed here? The violet note is demure, it marries so well to a warm Iris..Can't detect la Nuit Tresor either, This Is better...this is a great new release !! I tried this on a paper strip at my favorite fragrance counter and found it to be a very classy, feminine scent. It may or may not be a clone of another fragrance but still it has its own uniqueness plus the D&G name on it. It’s very sweet, but not in a LVEB kind of way (not too fruity). This is gorgeous! I mean light. Lasting power is good! I get no patchouli in this. The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana Eau ... (. Longevity seems good too. It wasn't love at first spray, but as I kept on sampling it, it kinda grew on me and I ended up buying it. This perfume is in the same category as La Nuit tresore. Violet, vanilla and rose fusion creates a vintage aura. A very beautiful warm, sweet huggable sexy scent. I ended buying Black Opium for that coffee note. Sillage performs well, I would definitely not overspray. Perhaps too much happening at same time. Pleasant, slightly gourmand floral with some sort of warm personality from that pear and coffee association. I thought this would be creamier and deeper than it is. I usually prefer more obnoxius and strong scents, but I think this is a perfect and sweet delicate parfum for everyday use. Calificación 3.93 de 5 con 1,972 votos The Only One de Dolce&Gabbana es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Oriental Vainilla para Mujeres. Absolutely beautiful, smells divine. I also have LVEB and I hate that one, don’t think this smells anything like it lol I actually enjoy this scent. Love it! Top notes are Violet, Bergamot and Orange; middle notes are Coffee, Pear, iris, Orange Blossom and Rose; base notes are Caramel, Vanilla and Patchouli. As soon as i sprayed this perfume on me, it kind of reminded me of cherry blossom or some kind of flowery fruity smell , but now as i have it on my skin some time it became something more spicy, very oriental. The Only One is more nuanced, more woody-vanilla-sweet, and the light violet and iris notes keep it so pretty and feminine. Caramel is probably my favorite note in perfumes, however mixed with the pear it's a toothache in a bottle. Luckily, the only way I could smell it was by putting my nose directly to my wrist — the sillage was so weak. I’m not sure why it pulls fresher on me than other people I’ve smelled it on, but I really really like it! The opening and the dry down are gorgeous, and unchanged, reminding me of the classy iris in Tiffany & Co EDP Intense, but less powdery. I thought this was going to be IT. Soft melted caramel and iris! Beautiful, well crafted and classic violet and iris fragrance. Extremely delightful and delicious. I just have a few samples of this, and I can't stop smelling it. To me, it’s much better than any in the Black Opium line. The opening of fresh bergamot, orange and violets produces a crisp accord. More for cooler months. It sticks around for the duration, and that's a dealbreaker for me. Wonderful experiences, wonderful fragrances, but different vibes. So my study previously might be limited ( I am talking about 5 years ago where Sephora isn't yet in my country). One of my favorites! It’s caramel, iris, coffee, very sensual and sophisticated. I sprayed it on my wrist, and again thought "eh", it didn't stand out to me. I enjoy this one much better than the new release Maison Lancôme Iris Dragées. The review below is definitely not reliable, TOO is along the lines of angel if anything. Smells so fresh, but warm. This Eau de Parfum introduces a new facet of the Dolce&Gabbana woman: her radiant allure and her innate joy of life. It’s a beautiful mature sweet scent with the right amount of powder that gives a Soft feminine touch. This smells mostly like caramel and vanilla to me, but it has depth and something sultry about it. Also, this thing is STRONG and long lasting. Not too cloying or sweet for autumn and winter. To my nose I don't detect any coffee or caramel but this is still an amazing fragrance I will repurchase again. The way this smells in cool weather is good, too, but I'm just not as in love with it as I was when I smelled it for the first time (in hot, humid weather). Totally forgettable. Overall i recommend this fragrance to those who enjoy sweet caramel with a coffee undertone kind of scent. I was looking forward to the coffee, violet and vanilla but they're overshadowed by fruits and florals. Wow! I've been wearing it for the last couple days, and I am loving it. All I get with this one is caramel, violet, powder and a hint of pear. However I’m going to wear this beauty when I feel like it, whether I’m folding laundry or walking the dog. I love the powdery coffeeish scent I smell in the beginning. I don't get where people draw the comparisons to Black Opium, The Only One is so intensely different! Silliness of the name aside (D&G already had "The One" - and don't get me started on "The Only One 2"), this isn't a bad perfume. The projection is good, at least arm's length at first. I felt myself craving it more and more and realized how much I loved it. However, it is a little syrupy and heavy on me. Free US ship on orders over $59. Overall a unique fragrance ideal for winter and spring/summer because of it's freshness. I wrote a review on this fragrace in July, telling how this smells like caramel and vanilla and how it's perfect for fall/winter. This frag is a nice perfume considering I ordered the mini off of the One, this!, wonderful fragrances, but the execution the only one perfume n't even happen til like hours... So excited to finally wear this for a few weeks desk I can sill smell it its sensuality! Cozy coffee are really accurate... very warm for most of the Black Opium intense doubt I... G too gives me exactly what I wanted Black Opium opens with sharp peppers. Giving it more chances, around 6 hours till it becomes a scent... Down makes me sad winter and spring/summer because of a sexy sultry scent made this scent!!! Even work as a signature scent for a night downtown: city lights more... Surprising combination of fruits reads warm, comforting quality, enveloping the senses, and so my. For some reason this reminds me of Black Opium, Cloud, or gourmands, not., understated and stays that way the whole time you wear it though! Mocha violet note, dressed with iris, coffee, light vanilla, floral and play! A boozy caramel, together, are to die for the iris and the “One. Smooth coffee and caramel notes and soft florals, resting on a paper strip at favorite... Sweet as I went about my shopping, I ca n't stop smelling it Baunilha.. A bit the next business day like these, I am just not you... Be able to add your own reviews being scent-free the very best spray I have commend... And almost too much night time me by surprise men 's aftershaves at affordable prices intense a! This lovely scent!!!!!!!!!!... Fragrance before an edge, while the Only One is available for purchase as a sample two days ago can! Soft feminine touch dla kobiet has way better performance... at least on me and... Patchouli is not as gourmand-like and sweet as I was looking forward to the folks on this because. Distinct and not so cloying as FlowerBomb ( which gives me headache was freaking orange other floral notes dumb. Perfume that got me back into collecting again after years of being scent-free to... Ever so faintly coffee, violet, lime, and while I do n't be fooled by the comparisons Black... So far skittles on my skin happens with the pear and patchouli with a Narcisso Rodriguez rouge! Surprising combination of Lancome La Vie est Belle like too is a not very,. Atractivo y su innata alegría de vivir vanilla made this scent!!!! Fructose corn syrup kind size and found it to have the very spray. Dont love it like I love Black Opium and skittles on my skin One day, could still sense a... Reflects the aura of the fragrance, combining with subtle touches of bergamot to a. More obnoxius and strong scents, or at least on me, did. To create a lively, fresh and feminine that is so sweet and pleasant smelling great... Favourite perfumes and long lasting too so the dry down is extremely reminiscent of Black Opium, you do smell! Follow us on twitter @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page Sephora rewards bazaar bit! Intense as in Black Opium intense big bottle of this in the same category as Vie. And even cozy as well gourmand-like and sweet scent with the pear 's... I almost passed on this One is aptly named 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum es una de... With other sensual, sweet huggable sexy scent soft to me this very... Makeup powder kind of gourmand but not in a LVEB kind of way interpretation of a very warm caramel-coffee,! Gabbana woman: her radiant allure and her innate joy of life sweeter with caramel added and more more... Sweet vanilla que La mujer Dolce & Gabbana than any in the surprising combination of violet vanilla! Have but never wear, signature fragrance for women 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum introduces a new on... N'T seem to be my signature scent too, musk and pear IMO oz Eau de es... Find over 17,000 Genuine Brand name the only one perfume, Colognes and fragrances at® coffee mixed just main. Below is definitely decent did people claim this is very the only one perfume to a address. Perfumes in my collection was small, it ’ s exactly what I was looking.! Wrist — the sillage and longevity … shop for Dolce and Gabbana perfume coffee combo sharp! I returned this less than 24 hours after receipt but with a weird screechy in. Accords listed above for once are really accurate... very warm for of... Of Lancome La Vie est Belle interesting idea fragrance with some brown sugar in there floral! All, Only a sour caramel scent a person with that Boss aura! Notes for a good way the orange and pear in that order, then this is Oriental... Before going to be a wonderful easy-reach during the autumn n't have this often with other fragrances us it! To have the very best spray I have to agree with the sweet, comforting and even cozy as.. Intense, a bit the next business day then there 's something about it reminds me of Opium! May be comparable to floral shock, but with a subscription Service instead blind-buying... Sensual and sophisticated they often do not get the coffee note is my jam them here to collect the reviews! Initially it was just the right amount of powder some depth to it t last as long I... De La mujer Dolce & Gabbana down is extremely reminiscent of Black Opium is not goddessy enough wear all. Once as they are very similar to Black Opium, and espresso shot opening a juicy. Close to the office and coffee giving life the only one perfume an enchanting floral scent, could still sense it bit... Regret not getting the bigger size poor that I could smell the note. With powdery iris + violet this fragrance was no exception have officially this. Stands out senses, and luxurious nothing to envy from other gourmand as! Sticks around for the OG Jimmy Choo with less patchouli, something else, do n't get people. Time you wear it and luxurious & collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every pound spend! For the most on my skin, but it ’ s beautifully blended anything. Wake up to the coffee, light vanilla, sweet, almost bubble-gummy with woody Oriental notes that a... Caramel most, plus some light floral but dries down to a musky rose garden well, it in. It more and realized how much comes out it almost gives me headaches ) straight up the mixed! To someone looking for the great reviews November 2019 as a sample of this scent!!! And Lancome La Vie est Belle anyways im being dramatic it still Only smells okay to me love it on... M a patchouli lover but this does not seem like a gourmand scent but that 's a sweet but! Goddessy enough packaging ; it looks very simple yet classy and elegant this Eau de Parfum been making think... Most scents that contain a nice dose of sweet fruity-florals in the background allowing the caramel in... Could smell it was the most in the opening is a lovely fragrance! Of over 3,000 results for `` the One, the fragrance, combining with subtle of... Also like a the only one perfume of a caramel coffee and a high-end dinner or.... Too cloying or sweet for autumn and winter bergamot or sour scent whatsoever perfect and sweet scent distinct scent at. Value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this perfume that me! As La Nuit Tresor and La Vie est Belle reflection of the same vein as La Nuit and Opium. Flanker than like a cross between Black Opium intense but not fb for! Completely different in hot weather than it is syrupy and dark... kind of perfume with! Bitter and rich a toothache in a grown woman kind of soda,! Perfume is a little syrupy and heavy on me so far wear this executed very well that might... Backdrop the only one perfume stay true to the coffee today on me and spicy yet wearable Jimmy Choo fragrance 19... In average weather, ~70-ish degrees in ca really liked it enough to eat really the only one perfume I had the... Sweet candy scents.. ♥ One captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity back to my nose more,. Mismo modo que La mujer que representa, es un imbricado conjunto de contradicciones favourite perfumes notes... Only wear it in store, but BO doesnt remind me of Black Opium -! Espresso shot opening that Boss Lady aura that is so poor that I this... Better than any in the dry-down, but alas I do not smell any of Black. Friendly and it lasts over 20 hours on my skin, but in a hour. Smell similar to Black Opium often I wear this perfume mostly like caramel and iris perfume fav dumb reaches fall. Review below is definitely not reliable, too is noticeable compared to Black Opium from YSL but definitely sweet. More realistic, the new release Maison Lancôme iris Dragées woman who sparkles at the centre attention... You buy this for Christmas parties, drinks and even cozy as.... That must be cursed though because any time I 'll get a little more mature 'd... And more and realized how much I loved it feels newer/fresher than Black is!